I'm Taylor Johns, the owner of Part of Their World. 

I started this company not just because I like to dress up as a princess, but because I have an absolute love and passion for anything involving children. All the girls hired are picked specifically for who they are their love for children as well.

All the princesses that work for POTW are read this passage before they go forward: 

I hope that you uphold the same values as your actual princess character(s) would: Care for others. Right wrongs. Live healthy. Be a friend you can trust. Be loyal. Believe in yourself. Be honest. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Never give up. Try your best.

 In your daily life try to remember that in every step you take you represent our company and what we stand for. We hope that you chose to represent yourself in your social media presence and personal life the way a true princess would in her everyday life! You’ll find after a while that it’s hard not to!

 In a world full of hate we ask that you be a light. We strive to not only be the best princess company around but the best people around as well. You were all chosen not because you are incredibly talented or beautiful but because we see something in you that makes you wonderful. Part of Their World’s unrivaled goal is to make a difference in not only children’s lives but their hearts as well. A majority of princess companies will say, “let us put a smile on your child’s face”, but how great would it be to make them feel like strong, beautiful, important little girls who can change the world if they put their heart and mind to it? Isn’t that what every princess really stands for? So our company’s goal is not to put a smile on a child’s face; it’s to make each and every child that we come in contact with feel like they are someone that matters.

All of our girls follow this passage and always uphold the values of a Princess and make your child feel like they've made a new friend.

Please let us have the pleasure of being a Part of Their World. :)